Idea of Sustainability

What is sustainability?
Sustainability refers to the diversity, productivity and function of the different natural systems such that the relationship and interaction between organisms to one another with their physical surroundings remain in balance. It emphasizes the harmony between us humans and the environmental natural resources by protecting it from damage, destruction and depletion. It aims for the preservation of the natural resources for the benefit of the future generations. It is the capacity to live without depleting the resources even if one has it in their hands or is within their reach. It doesn’t necessarily mean that a person/people/community that want to attain sustainability shouldn’t touch or use their resources but they should be able to reproduce or at least replace the resources that are used. In some sense the idea of sustainability is like a personal relationship. You should connect to people without using all their resources- time, effort, etc- for your relationship to continue for a long time. Some methods should be used to maintain and save it. If you just think of the present and satisfy yourself then you cannot expect for the relationship to go for a long time, just like our natural resources. Always think of the future.


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