Idea of Sustainability

What is sustainability?
Sustainability refers to the diversity, productivity and function of the different natural systems such that the relationship and interaction between organisms to one another with their physical surroundings remain in balance. It emphasizes the harmony between us humans and the environmental natural resources by protecting it from damage, destruction and depletion. It aims for the preservation of the natural resources for the benefit of the future generations. It is the capacity to live without depleting the resources even if one has it in their hands or is within their reach. It doesn’t necessarily mean that a person/people/community that want to attain sustainability shouldn’t touch or use their resources but they should be able to reproduce or at least replace the resources that are used. In some sense the idea of sustainability is like a personal relationship. You should connect to people without using all their resources- time, effort, etc- for your relationship to continue for a long time. Some methods should be used to maintain and save it. If you just think of the present and satisfy yourself then you cannot expect for the relationship to go for a long time, just like our natural resources. Always think of the future.


Personal Responses

What could you change in your own personal life that would mean you get more of what you really think makes your life great and may, at the same time, save resources?

“I have actually started making a difference by choosing the bike as my main mode of transportation, not only within the campus, but outside as well. For me, biking is like hitting two birds with one stone. I am able to exercise and reap many benefits associated with it like reduced stress levels. It is also a form of sustainable transportation, which when done in a collective manner, could significantly reduce pollution and traffic. However, there are times when I choose to ride a car instead of using my bike, especially in areas with heavy vehicular traffic because of the risk of getting hit by reckless drivers. One thing that I could improve is to take a more active role in advocating biking as a mode of transport and to raise awareness among people with cars and other motorized vehicles to be more biker-friendly so that more people would be encouraged to go out and bike.”

– Julie Bajado


“I would want to change my sleeping habits and try as much as possible not to stay up late at night if it is not really necessary. Doing this would improve my performance as a student and my lifestyle in general. I would be less sleepy, and more attentive and focused in my activities. By reducing the time I stay up late at night, I would also reduce my energy consumption as I would need to use a lot of electricity at night. Also, I could share electronic gadgets with my siblings at daytime which would reduce our overall consumption of electricity.”

-Jonathan Musa


“First of all, since I’m saving money right now, I need to start paying attentions to my bills, especially to my monthly water bill. I often left the faucet open after washing myself. I really think I need to stop doing that. Also, after washing dishes, I don’t fully close the faucet, that too should be seriously change. By doing this to save my money, I will also help conserving water and is a big help to our mother nature. Secondly, I’ll start walking more and riding less. It will help me improve my fitness and at the same time lessen the pollutants in the air. Lastly, for me to change myself, to wake up earlier, and reduce my stress level at the same time, I thought of a way that will help me. I’ll try growing some plants. I think they will help me discipline myself and reduce my stress in my studies whenever I see them grow. On the other hand, they’ll be a great contribution to the cleanliness of the air. I’m already proud of myself whenever I think picture myself watering my plants.”

-Charlotte Magtira


“I believe that I am already making a difference by doing simple things that may lead to a greater impact in the betterment of the environment and the society. As a kid my mother taught me to conserve water by turning off the faucet when not in use, to remove electronic devices from the outlet, to keep small trashes in my pocket when there are no trash bins in sight, and also to bring reusable bags at the grocery store or at the market. From preschool to elementary, my brother and I walk to and from school instead of commuting because our school was just three blocks away from home. That simple act was a very good practice of a healthier lifestyle at an early age. It did not only help reduce air pollution but it also built good memories and stronger bond with my brother. I am glad that I have brought this habit of walking because it became very useful in college (especially here in UP!!!). It has also been awhile since I last used a plastic straw for drinking purposes. Ever since I have watched that video of a turtle undergoing an operation of some sort because it has inhaled a straw, I was deeply affected and saddened by the fact that we, humans, are the major cause of harm in our environment. I believe that in time, if we continue living a wasteful lifestyle, our natural resources will be depleted and Earth will be destroyed. I hope that by doing these small acts and imparting knowledge about the environment to others, I can help the environment so that I may still provide a healthy and sustainable life for the following generations.”

-Hannah Lou Argota


“Time is not a renewable resource, and time is only a portion of the things that I could continue learning to manage, to say that I have reached a meaningful and exciting life. I start by making myself aware, from the little things that I am with initially up to the grand things that will come eventually. Considering that philosophy, I wish to help the environment, knowing that time is a resource that we need to carefully maximize. And I believe that that starts by promoting awareness, letting people know, maybe including you, of the current state of our surroundings and creating a solution using a sustainable mindset.”

-Diego Manansala

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Air Pollution and Air Quality Management



Ride it the ‘colorful’ way. Never heard about e-jeeps? Try it! Black smokes won’t bother your relaxation and Mother Earth will be free from its frustration.


Help the environment. Bike your way around.

Bike lanes were made to be used as an alternative form of transportation to the usual modes of transportation nowadays. Promote the use of Bike Lanes!




“Smoke from cars are like cigarettes to the Earth” Adding up to that pollution is like giving your grandsons and granddaughters packs of handmade cigarettes.

While waiting, kill your engine, or will you rather kill something else? STOP IDLING.


“For each one gone, plant a hundred one” Imagine a body without lungs – lifeless. Now, imagine the world without trees.

Nature will endure, but we won’t. Help yourself help the future.

Solid and Hazardous Waste Management



Waste collection must be a collective action! So let us help those that help our community. Regular Schedules of Garbage Collection of these Dump Trucks help in managing where our disposals go.


For the benefit of all, let us help those that manage our wastes, and one effective way is proper waste segregation! From simple used paper to these ‘dangerous’ chemicals.




EAT RESPONSIBLY. Being responsible for your trash is not dangerous to your health. Applicable for all ages.


Accessibility is a responsibility! Stalls should provide noticeable trash cans to encourage proper waste disposal habits.